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When Rodan + Fields first launched our Active Hydration Serum back in 2017, I’ll be honest; I wasn’t super excited about it. That is until I dug into the product and learned more about it. In my four years with R+F, this is likely one of my top favorites. Let’s break it down, shall we?

When your skin is dehydrated, it will look and act older. Yuck! For dry skin types, your skin is trying to go deeper into the layers of the skin to find moisture; thus making it look and feel more dry. If you have oily skin, your skin is constantly trying to compensate for the lack of moisture by ramping up oil production. So in reality, oily skin can be caused by dehydrated skin. #saywhat That was a tough one for me to wrap my head around since I am definitely the shiny t-zone kinda girl. I’ve struggled with it my entire life. Fun fact for my oily-faced amigos: The toilet seat sheets you find in any public restroom doubles as an oil blotter. Obviously don’t use the same sheet you just used to…you know…but don’t waste your money on oil blotting papers!

But I already use a moisturizer

I got you girl – hear me out. Moisturizers and hydrating serums do two completely different things. I’ll tell you, up until this product launched I had no idea that most moisturizers do not actually add moisture to your skin. #mindblown Moisturizers simply create a barrier on the top of your skin to lock in whatever moisture your skin currently contains. They typically do not ADD moisture. Which is why you also need a hydrating serum in your skincare lineup. Enter side stage:

Active Hydration Serum

Our savvy doctors, Katie Rodan + Kathy Fields, where just lounging around the laboratory + whipped up a new molecule (because that’s what doctors do, am I right?!) called it 3D3P Molecular Matrix. What this molecule allowed them to do is put 30% glycerin combined with Hyaluronic Acid (a naturally occurring thing in our bodies) into a serum. Typically glycerin can be very sticky, but this new formula allows it to go on without the major stickiness. It’s pretty impressive, as most other hydrating serums on the market only have about 5-10% glycerin.

Glycerin pulls moisture from the air and into your skin. Our serum increases your moisture levels 200% after only one use! Not only that, but it is also non-comedogenic (will not clog pores) + non-acnegenic (will not cause breakouts). Active Hydration Serum also comes with a pre-measured dropper in the lid, so just the right amount for a single use is ready to apply.  Our 3D3P Moleculer Matrix allows for the serum to continue pulling moisture from the air for up to 8 hours while also allowing active ingredients to be accepted more readily onto your skin following the serum.

What does that mean?

we made the list

That means that you can apply our Active Hydration Serum, then follow it with our Intensive Renewing Serum + a great moisturizer (AM Cream or Moisture Replenishing Cream to name a few) and each of those products will be better received onto your skin in conjunction with the hydrating serum. Pretty incredible, right? What’s also great about this product is that you don’t have to be tied to other Rodan + Field skincare products. If you’ve got a face wash you love, great! Apply it after that. Have a moisturizer you can’t live without? Awesome – apply it before! #easypeasy

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