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I couldn’t be more excited!

PC Perks

AKA our Preferred Customer Program

Our Preferred Customer Perks program is 100% for you if you are someone who A) doesn’t like to pay shipping costs B) loves a good deal and/or C) loves to be the first to know about new offers or products.  That’s basically it in a nutshell.  We love rewarding our loyal customers and corporate always ensures that you’re well taken care of. Not only do you enjoy free shipping on any order over $80; but you will never pay full price. You will receive 10% off of every single product on the website from the second you check that lovely “PC Perks” box during your first checkout experience. Additionally, our doctors have promised at least two new product launches every year, and as a preferred customer you get first dibs before anyone else!

The biggest push back I receive is that someone doesn’t want to be “ tied to a membership.” So let me ease your mind. Think of this program as a grocery store rewards card. You immediately receive a 10% discount on everything on the website, as well as free shipping over $80 (this alone can cost you $10-$12). The nice part? You can cancel at anytime. It’s right in your account profile, easy to find. I would never want you to hang onto a membership you will never use again. The other option I like to clarify is that though it is a subscription (every 60 days in the website), you can update that ship date at any time. You can adjust it into the following year if you wish. So don’t think that it is mandatory for your card to be charged every two months. To put it another way: You only buy something when you want something. Period.

Best Part? I’m always here at your service!

april michelle